Why Every Dad Should Be Strong

Every parent wants to be strong, but this may mean more than just emotional strength. Physical strength is equally important, especially for dads. There are many reasons why every dad should be strong.

Improve Physical Health

It’s no secret that obesity is behind some of the leading causes of death in the US. As a parent, you want to be around for your children as long as possible, even when they are grown. Being strong requires exercise, which means you’ll improve your physical health. Improving your physical health will also give you more energy and make you feel better overall, so if you have younger children, you’ll be able to run around with them easier.

Why Every Dad Should Be Strong

Improve Mental Health

Exercise has been shown to improve mental health, so you’ll always be at the top of your game for your kids. Running for just 15 minutes a day can not only improve your strength, but it can also combat major depression.

Being obese or too thin may make someone more vulnerable to hurtful words from others. Due to the changes the body undergoes when building strength, being strong improves self-esteem and confidence. Confidence is one of the most important traits a person can have since with it, people can’t bring you down!


Perhaps one of the most important reasons why every dad should be strong is protection. Even in the safest neighborhoods, it is best to be prepared. Should an intruder break in, you want to be able to protect your family even without a weapon. Being strong will allow you to bring down anybody who threatens harm to your family and home.


Being strong means you’ll have what’s needed to perform certain jobs. While tools are available for most jobs, physical strength can be utilized in place of tools in some circumstances. Knowing you’ll be able to lift someone should they ever need help should give you peace of mind.

Teaches Values and Life Lessons

Strength building teaches the value of hard work. It takes time and effort to build strength and seeing the effects are rewarding. It also takes serious dedication to be strong which can also give you discipline, since falling off the wagon could throw the whole routine off.

Ancestral Honor

Our ancestors didn’t have the tools and equipment we have today. They relied on brute strength and cunning to secure their place in the world. Often, they had to pass trials proving themselves at a certain age. Whether it was on a great hunt or partaking in a battle, it was physical strength that got them through life. Honor your ancestors by being strong.

There are many reasons why every dad should be strong. The most important reason to be strong is to protect their family. It requires strength building exercises to be strong, which can improve your overall mental and physical health, making you feel better overall. It can also teach life lessons and virtues by instilling discipline and hard work or honor your ancestors by relying on the same strength they did.



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