It’s Time to Paint!

Nothing is ever easy to get done when you have young children running around the house.

With young children comes many new obstacles that slow down home improvement projects such as painting a bedroom. Painting requires tedious work, lots of time and is extraordinarily detail-oriented. We have compiled six tips and tricks down below that we believe will help speed up your painting process and increase your efficiency.

Prep Your Space

Prepping for a painting project is far from fun, but it is most definitely worth it. Having your color scheme picked out, taping up your borders, and laying down builder paper will make the process much smoother and the cleanup time quicker. It will also help you avoid messes or slip-ups that may slow the whole process down.

Work During Bedtime and Naps

Dealing with little children is tough, and you do not have as much time as you used to have to get your home improvement projects done. With that said, do not waste valuable time when your children are asleep. Take advantage of this time and consider working double duty (You and your spouse).

Get Your Children Involved

Depending on your children’s age and maturity level, getting them involved in the process can be fun. Allow them to play with clean and dry paintbrushes or rollers and let them watch what you are doing. Your children may be very amused by this and will stay occupied for a good chunk of time.

Stay Efficient

Set realistic goals before starting your project and focus on sticking to these goals throughout the painting process. It is essential to focus on these goals, or else you will be disappointed that everything is taking so long. Prep the room one day, prime it another and paint on the last day. Time is of great value, do not get disappointed and work whenever you can.

Proper Equipment for Speed and Precision

Speed and precision are the “Names of the game” when working on a painting project with young children. We recommend you use three specific painting tools to move the whole process along.

1. Paint Pad – A paint pad is a great tool to use when cutting in around obstacles, allowing you to eliminate some masking. This pad works well around window frames, air vents, and any other wall obstacles.

2. Paint Bucket – Using a bucket instead of a tray is a great way to save time. You can load your roller more quickly and will not need to reload the tray.

3. Roller Extender – Adding an extension piece to your roller is crucial and will allow you to minimalize your time spent on the ladder.

Ask for Help

If you are struggling to entertain your kids or finding time to paint, do not hesitate to ask family or friends to take care of them for an hour or two. Asking them will give you a portion of time to get done what you need to get done and get a step ahead of your at-home painting project.

And, if you’re really over your head, don’t hesitate to reach out to a local painting company. More often than thought, the rates are affordable and can save you a tremendous amount of time.


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