Style Tips for Dad

There’s plenty of emphasis on styles for mom, but hardly any for dad. As a parent, you hardly have time for yourself. However, you shouldn’t neglect yourself even if you have children! Check out these style tips for dads so he can always look his best.

Purge Your Closet

Chances are your closet has plenty of clothing in it you haven’t worn in quite some time. Take a few minutes to go through your closet and pull out the clothes you haven’t worn in a year. If it’s not regularly worn, it’s likely not your style.

Slacks Over Jeans

Instead of putting on a pair of jeans, opt for a pair of slacks instead. They’ll give you a stylish, business casual look when paired with an appropriate shirt and shoes.

Proper Fit

Ensure you choose clothes that give you a proper fit. This means ditching the pants you could squeeze into years ago and wearing a well-fitting shirt instead of a loose, baggy one.

Tailor Your Suit

Don’t settle for the way a suit fits right off the rack. Getting a suit tailored to your body can make all the difference in how it looks on you. Charcoal gray and navy blue are the most flattering suit colors!

Workout Clothes Belong at the Gym

While they may be comfortable and convenient, gym clothes have their place and that is at the gym. Keep your workout clothes at home unless you’re headed to or from the gym.


Accessories aren’t just for the ladies. Enhance your business attire with a nice watch. Functionality meets style!

If you need a pair of sunglasses, choose a classic look over sports sunglasses.

A ring or necklace can enhance your outfit. Not every outfit or event will call for it, but wearing a different piece of jewelry every once in a while is a great way to accessorize.

Forget Graphic Tees

Graphic t-shirts are great when you’re in high school. Leave these shirts for the younger crowd in favor of a more mature look.


Shoes can complete an outfit. If you only own one or two pairs of shoes, consider expanding your choices. When it comes to shoes, match them with your belt. You should also match your socks to your shoes, or pair with a bold colored socks if you want to be daring. Also be sure to shine your shoes regularly and keep them clean.


Determine the shape of your face and find a hairstyle that compliments it. Take time in the morning to style your cut, too. Speaking of hair, keep your nose and ear hair trimmed.


Introduce a skincare routine. Moisturizer isn’t just for women, so wash your face every morning and apply a deep moisturizer. This goes for your hands, too!


Pick a nice smelling cologne and stick with it. Cheap perfumes and colognes can wear off quickly and leave an unpleasant smell after. When you find the perfect cologne, don’t overdo it. Less is often more in this case.


Regular hygiene care is essential for any style. Brush your teeth as recommended and keep your nails trimmed. If you have facial hair, keep it neatly trimmed. If not, take care of that five o’clock shadow as soon as possible.


Avoid looking like a wrinkled mess by learning how to iron your clothes. This will save time and money, especially if you are traveling.

Conclusion About Style Tips For Dads

Style tips aren’t just for the ladies. There are plenty of things a man can do to update his wardrobe and dress his best. With these style tips for dads, you’re sure to always leave a good impression, no matter where you go.


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