Sometimes it is important to talk about sex because honesty and communication are the pivotal parts of having a healthy sex life, particularly after you become parents. It is only with the help of good communication that you can have good sex and it is vital for parents to have a good and satisfying sex life. If you don’t get time to touch your partner even after you become parents, it is tough to retain a successful relationship.

The initial stage of parenthood is usually marked with inconsistency and this is a time that you need to worry. Here are a few tips offered by expert relationship counselors and sex experts to ensure relationships don’t break due to lack of sex. So, let’s take a quick look at the habits of couples who have a healthy sex life.

  • Set realistic expectations

You can’t deny the fact that life changes beyond your expectations after you have kids. The main thing that goes through a major overhaul is that your priorities change. From a happy-go-lucky life, your life is suddenly filled with schedules from morning till night and time becomes a thing of luxury. Hence, it is better to accept the gross inconsistency that your life is suffering from. An understanding of the pangs of parenthood will help them maintain their relationship both inside and outside the bedroom.

  • Sexualize each other every day

Parenthood is said to be a barren wasteland as long as sex is concerned and this is when you start seeing your partner just as a partner and nothing more than that. Now that you’ve split your duties as mamma and daddy, your relation can soon become a working relationship and hence you have to break this monotony by bringing in exciting things. Flirt with your husband (or spouse). Though this doesn’t mean having sex but you can write romantic notes, hold hands and create small romantic moments.

  • Discuss memories of your good old days

There are times when couples who have been married for a long time fall out of sync sexually as there used to be so many things which had its impact on igniting their sexual desire. One of the most effective ways of re-syncing is by speaking about what sex was like in your previous days and how things changed. Bring back those memories and ask each other whether you both are happy about the way things have shaped at present.

  • Stop being concerned about others’ sex lives

When your personal sex life is not that happy, you may find it normal to compare yours with whatever you see on television or in porn or what your friends share with you. Too often, it is seen that couples who have recently become parents think and believe that everybody apart from them are having a great sex life. This is not always true. Stop focusing on the sex lives of others and concentrate on yours.

So, now that you’re running short of time but you are mentally looking forward to spend some quality time with your partner, embrace quickies as they have a weird power. Sneak away 10 minutes with your partner under the shower or give each other a quick and tight hug. Quickies can diminish all the stress and also strengthen your relationship.



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