It’s no secret that reading to your children is important. Some parents begin reading to their children while they are still in the womb and continue to do so once they are born. Though younger children won’t understand the words until they are a little older, reading to your children no matter the age is beneficial. Here are 5 reasons you should read to your children every night.

1. Stronger Relationship

First of these 5 reasons you should read to your children every night is building a stronger relationship. If you’ve been at work all day, your child has been without your time and attention for several consecutive hours. By spending some time to read to them at night, you can strengthen the bond and relationship you have with your children. Spending quality time with your children after school or work is important in a world that is constantly moving. Reading time is a great time to sit back and unwind and spend quality time with your children.

2. Better Vocabulary

Children learn as you read to them. They may begin asking about certain words they don’t know or pointing out words they do know. Reading to your children helps expand their vocabulary so they never stop learning. You can also use this time for older children to have them read a sentence or two so they can work on their reading and vocabulary while having fun with their parent!

3. Fuel Imagination

When a child hears a story, they can most certainly see that story playing out in their mind. Fueling their imagination is crucial for childhood development and there’s no better way to do so than reading to them every night. You can even introduce props and act out certain parts of the story with your children, allowing their imagination to run wild with pretend play that follows the story.

4. Introduce Morals

Most, if not all children’s books have some moral to the story. By introducing these morals young, we create well adjusted adults with good morals. Children can learn about sharing from children’s books or learn the importance of friendship and being kind. Learning these concepts young will help mold them into bright young people with compassion, kindness, and patience.

5. Have Fun

Reading is fun! Reading to your children every night can be fun for your children, too. They’ll love hearing new stories from mom or dad. When their imagination runs wild with the story, they create their own fun. By reading to your children every night, you can create a world of fun that will follow them as they grow, turning them into people who love to read.

These are just 5 reasons you should read to your children every night, though there are many more. Since most households require both parents to work, quality time spent with children can be difficult to get. Spending time reading to your children every night will help strengthen the bond you have with them. Nightly reading can also increase their vocabulary and help them with reading comprehension. It also fuels their imagination as the words come to life for them. Children’s books also have morals so you can introduce morals to them young. Last but not least, reading to your children every night provides fun for not just them, but you too since you get to see your children responding to the books you read.


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