Pride In Your Lawn

The lawn is the pride of many men, especially those who are dads. It is often the place where they play catch with their children, host barbecues, or just relax on a nice summer day. The lawn is often the first thing people notice about a home, and a nice lawn leaves a good first impression. 

Why You Should Care

While many people wouldn’t care what others thought, every dad should take pride in his lawn to leave a lasting, good impression on first time visitors and those who pass the home. A yard that isn’t maintained leaves negative impressions on others. If you don’t have the desire to mow your lawn and keep the weeds down, do you act the same with the inside of your home? Overgrown yards are  sloppy and lazy. As a dad, that’s the last impression you would want to leave with someone. 

If your children play in the yard, it’s important to take pride in your lawn and keep it tidy to avoid them getting injured. You also want a nice place for people to gather for a family get together and barbecues. Being prideful in your lawn means you won’t have to rush around to get things done before having visitors! 


During the spring and summer months when grass grows quickly, pests can build nests just as quick. Fleas hide in the tall grass and can hitch a ride inside your home, even if you don’t have pets. They can jump onto your clothing and soon, you’ll be dealing with fleas inside the home. Keeping the yard mowed and pulling tall weeds cuts down on fleas. Ticks are another summer pest nobody wants. They can carry a variety of potentially deadly diseases. To lower the risk of tick bites, keep your yard neat and tidy. 

While some people enjoy keeping snakes as pets, not everybody likes seeing them in the yard. Snakes can nest and hide in tall grass and weeds. Most species are passive and will only strike if bothered. However, there are times when they can strike out of aggression without provocation. A nicely kept yard will allow you to see snakes, though it’s uncommon they would nest in low grass! 


Taking pride in your lawn allows for you to be creative. Lawn care can be more than just mowing and weed eating. Landscaping around your yard can give you a sense of pride and accomplishment, as well as bring added beauty to your lawn. Lay stones to form a pathway or plant flowers to bring some color to the outside of your home. 


If you have a dog, you can understand the havoc it can create in your yard. Aside from the ‘landmines’ that get dropped daily, dogs have a tendency to dig holes, tear up the yard, and change the color of the grass. While moving to a pet-friendly apartment might be tempting, by tending to your yard weekly, you will be able to hide the damage done.

Life Lessons – Take Pride In Your Lawn

Every dad wants their child to learn life lessons as they grow. Maintaining a lawn and landscaping takes dedication and hard work. Your children will see those traits in you and learn their importance. Getting your children involved gives them a sense of accomplishment when they see what their hard work has done for the yard! 

Every dad should take pride in his lawn. Whether it be to leave a good first impression or simply to reduce the appearance of pests in the yard. Naturally, children grow up watching what parents do. As such, maintaining a yard can teach them valuable life lessons. Lessons such as: “hard work pays off” and “working until the job is done.”  Maintaining pride in your home is important, no doubt. However, taking pride in your lawn is just as important. 

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