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Pregnancy can be hard on a woman’s body. From normal pregnancy aches and pains to more serious conditions, growing a human being can hurt! A massage for your pregnant wife may not only relieve some of those pains, but also ease the stress a woman is feeling, resulting in a happier, healthier pregnancy. Prenatal massages performed by professionals are becoming increasingly popular, but they can be costly. Learn how to give a prenatal massage (or pregnant wife massage for those uninformed on the term) and help ease the journey of pregnancy. 

As always, consult a doctor before doing any DIY prenatal massages.


Consult your wife’s doctor before using essential oils, but some essential oils can help aid in relaxation and stress relief, adding more benefits to giving your wife a massage. Lavender has a particularly calming property, making it perfect for use during massage. 


Perhaps the most important step in giving your pregnant wife a massage is knowing which position to use for the most benefits. The floor is preferred to a mattress, since it can provide a firm surface. Place pillows on the floor for comfort and have your wife lay on her side with another pillow between her legs. Another option is kneeling, which can relieve some pressure. Place a pillow on the floor and have your wife kneel against the bed or other surface. Avoid having her lay on her back as it can lead to problems further along in pregnancy due to the weight of the uterus. 

Back Massage for Pregnant Wife

Pregnancy can take a toll on a woman’s back, even in those women who have no pre-existing back problems. The added weight from the growing baby can put a strain on the back muscles and spine. To help alleviate back pain, it’s important to use the correct massaging techniques. Beginning at the base of her neck, use your palms and thumbs to gently massage on either side of the spine, working your way down. When you get to her lower back, take your fists and gently massage in and down at the base of the spine, careful to avoid her tailbone. This can also help relieve pain and pressure that travels to the buttocks. 

Legs Massage for Pregnant Wife

Not only does a woman’s feet and legs swell during pregnancy, but that swelling can make the legs hurt. Begin where the leg meets her foot and work in small, circular patterns up her leg. You can use the palm of your hand, your thumb, or a few fingers for this massage. 

Feet Massage for Pregnant Wife

The second most common pain complaint during pregnancy is the feet, right behind back pain. Between swelling and added weight, pregnancy can leave them aching. Relieve some of your wife’s foot pain by giving her a foot rub. There’s really no wrong way to rub her feet, so just follow her directions and what she likes. Be careful to avoid pressure points in her ankles though, as they may kick start labor! Apply some of her favorite lotion to her feet to help with dry or flaky skin. 

Pregnancy can be a tough road, leading to a lot of aches and pains a woman wouldn’t normally have. Learn how to give your pregnant wife a massage so you can ease some of her aches. Whether you’re rubbing her back, massaging her legs, or giving her a foot rub, a prenatal massage is sure to be a highly appreciated gesture. 

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