Are you still hanging in there, new dad? Are you getting a little more sleep? It’s month three, and your newly-interactive potato is becoming a full-fledged, 100% certified human being before your very eyes.

Somewhere between now and month 6, you might start getting good night’s sleep. Doesn’t that sound awesome? We’ve just started getting a little solid shuteye, but for those of you still fighting the midnight fight, you’re almost there. Keep your head up (literally—you might as well sleep upright, wedged between a couple pillows with a bottle in each hand).

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Mini-Me Milestones

So, I’m sure you’ve heard it a million times—baby milestones are important. Around now, your baby might be trying to roll over, make cooing noises, and lift their head during tummy time. You need to keep track of these milestones and talk with your pediatrician, but don’t obsess.

Every baby is different, so try not to compare them. I don’t care if Little Timmy across the street changes his own diaper while reading Ulysses—I want my baby to progress at her own, healthy pace.

As long as you’re spending time on hand-eye coordination with toys or a play mat, talking to your baby, working on neck-strength through tummy time, and keeping in touch with your pediatrician, you’ll be okay.

Is It Time for Baby to Get a Job?

Dad jokes aside, I’ve got to say that baby showers are amazing gestures. They’re essentially society’s way of telling you babies are so damn expensive that unless a bunch of people give you free things, you’ll have to sell the farm. Unfortunately, those supplies that you’ve been hoarding since the shower might be starting to run thin.

Around this time with my first daughter, I had to make a few baby-centric shopping runs, and it was terrifying. Diapers and formula can run into the hundreds of dollars a month.

If you haven’t started setting aside money, now’s the time. You can also score free diapers and formula through free samples, rewards programs (like Huggies and Pampers Rewards), and company mailing lists. You can also do your wallet and the environment a favor by shopping at second-hand stores. You’ll find like-new clothes, toys, strollers, and more.

Don’t You, Forget About Me

We’re finally starting to get some rest, and I hope you are, too. Once the baby goes to bed, my fiancée and I can spend a little quality time together and have conversations that go beyond “can you pass me that diaper?” If you’re like us, your relationship may have gotten a little lost in the fray for the past few months.

Talk to your spouse about getting out for a date night. You love them for being an amazing partner, but a relationship isn’t a business. You both need attention, and it’s likely been elsewhere lately, so spend a night working on a few milestones of your own.


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