Our Mentorship Program

Are you looking for help, or looking to give help? Do you want to pass along the knowledge you gained through fatherhood to a young dad? Are you a new dad looking for guidance from someone with experience?

Mentors and positive father figures provide support, advice, friendship, reinforcement, and constructive examples to new dads who need assistance on the journey of fatherhood. Together, responsible fatherhood and quality mentoring bring hope to young lives through the power of presence.

Tribe of Dad’s provides fathers and all male caregivers individual mentorship. This allows fathers to tackle challenges and develop the skills needed to become a positive influence in the lives of their children.

How do I join the mentorship program?

Joining is quick and easy. Simply go to our private, men’s only Facebook Group, click on ‘Mentorship’, and begin the sign-up process.

What does the program consist of?

  • We have assigned Mentors.
  • We offer weekly co-parenting support groups.
  • We offer free counseling sessions for individuals, couples, families, and children.
  • Instantly join a supportive community
  • Learn from others who have been in your shoes.
  • Become the best father you can be by leveraging the knowledge you gain.
  • Completely free, no obligation organization.

Why children need dads

  • Children living without their father in the home are 47% more likely to live in poverty.
  • Infant death within the first 28-days of life is 4x higher for those with absent fathers.
  • Kids in fatherless homes are 279% more likely to carry guns and deal drugs.
  • Of the youth who are currently in prison, 85% grew up in a fatherless home.
  • Children who live in a single-parent home are 2 times more likely to commit suicide than children in a two-parent home.

What do fathers gain from the program?

  • 100% of the fathers who completed the 24/7 Dad actively spend time with their children.
  • 100% of fathers show an improvement in knowledge, attitudes, and skills about parenting.
  • 100% of the fathers have more confidence in being a great dad

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