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A Father’s Role in Parenting

Parenting is a team effort and both the mother and father have important roles to play, but a father’s role in parenting may be the most crucial.

You’ve heard ‘it takes a village to raise a child’ and while society influences and shapes a child, the parents play the most key role in developing their child’s life.  

Parenting goes far beyond the tasks and responsibilities required to take care of a child. The role of a father involves promoting a child’s well-being by supporting their physical, intellectual, emotional, and social development.

Whether you’re ready for it or not, you are becoming the child’s role model, superhero, and ultimately their path to follow through life.

Taking on the challenge of being a present and active father in your child’s life will make a positive impact. A father can help influence the development of the child to grow as a human being in a balanced way. 

The effect a father can have on his child can offer the child a code that will serve as a moral compass throughout their entire lifetime.

Read on to understand the different roles a father needs to play to effectively raise a child.

A father's role in parenting during pregnancy

Being a Father-Figure During Parenting

The father’s role, which is occasionally taken on by someone who is not the child’s biological father, does not go unnoticed in the eyes of the children. The presence of this father figure and his actions will nourish and define the personality of the child, who is learning new things every day of their life.

As a father figure, whether you realize it or not, you are setting an example every day for them to follow and learn from.

Because you are the figure of support and security for the child, providing a secure space is one of the most important functions you can do. 

A father-figure can come in many shapes, forms, and sizes, This can be the child’s biological father, step-father, the mother, or another relative.

A new born being swaddled by parent

A Father’s Role in Parenting Newborn Babies

During pregnancy, the father’s role is to support the mom during pregnancy during the physical development of the child.

The bond between the father and the baby can begin to develop while in the womb, especially if the father or father figure is actively involved during this period.

Babies can hear the father’s voice while in the womb, so beginning to bond with the child pre-birth is important for new dads.

Once the baby is born, the father has the opportunity to physically bond with his child. This attachment relationship between father and baby is nourished by small acts that involve the father actively participating in simple tasks, such as carrying the baby in his arms. 

Each time the father performs an act of love, the baby associates the smell and voice of their father with moments that make them feel safe and comfortable.

When a father actively participates in small daily tasks, the baby will recognize him as a figure of attachment, as a person who is trustworthy, who wants it and cares for it.

This bond can help establish the foundation for a strong relationship between the father and the child.

Quick Tips With Newborns

  • Help With Feeding Time
    • Even if the mother is breastfeeding, doing things like burping and swaddling after feedings is a huge help!
  • Communicate With The Mother
  • Read or Singing During Bedtime
  • Get Skin To Skin Contact
  • Do Some Extra Chores
  • Get Some Professional First-Aid Training
  • Don’t Be Afraid To Ask For Help


Toddler reading a book to his father, pointing to the words on the page

A Father’s Role in Parenting Toddlers

The role a father plays, obviously, continues on through childhood.

When infants grow to become toddlers, they develop curiosity. This consistent desire to discover and explore new things may seem neverending.

At this stage, the father plays the role of a guide, who not only helps his child to explore and discover but also sets the appropriate limits. 

Children learn an incredible amount about their boundaries during this stage. It may be the stage where child development is at an all-time high.

Fathers should encourage their children to become confident and help them become problem solvers.

We, as dads, can provide challenging scenarios for the child’s growth. We can encourage them to explore their own strengths.

Fathers encourage problem-solving skills in their children and also help them in building strong social and emotional ties.

A child coloring a photo for his father

A Father’s Role in Parenting School-Going Children

Families are considered the primary context of children’s development and fathers play a major role in parenting school-aged children.

Whether children are “ready” for school and experience success throughout their school career depends largely on their physical well-being, social development, cognitive skills, and how they approach learning based on their home life.

A father’s role in parenting should be to encourage children to accept more challenges and be successful at them when their children arrive at an age where they begin going to school.

Fathers inspire confidence in their children and encourage them to grow in their independence. 

Additionally, a child will emulate his parents. Fathers can teach their children to respect others by the examples he sets daily. 

Elderly dad with his adult daughter; smiling together

The Lasting Effect a Father’s Role Has on a Child

Remember, a father’s role is “never done.”

We teach children and help them in becoming strong, respectful, and self-sufficient functioning members of society. Even after they become adults and move out of your house, the bond that is formed can be strong enough to last a lifetime.

A present and actively involved father is a central figure in the life of a child and can create a close bond.

The role a father can take on is being a figure for the child to look up to. Fathers can provide lifelong support along with the mother.

As fathers, you are your child’s first life coach.

No matter how old they become they always remember that you taught them how to live their life, that you always challenged them to be better, and that you taught them to get up after a fall.

a fathers role of showing his kids the outdoors

The Importance of a Divorced Father’s Role in Co-Parenting

The father’s role during parenting helps children develop autonomy, encourages them to take responsibility, and also discover the world around them with the ability to adapt to the outside world.

Dads are integral parts in the development of their children. The statistics on fatherless homes are staggering and show the importance of a father being heavily involved in the child’s life.

Additionally, this result holds true even if the father doesn’t live in the same home as the child — for example, in divorce situations.

Even during co-parenting, it is crucial to spend time with your child. Though there may be differing parenting styles, children with both parents involved is the most effective parenting.

It appears that how involved the dad is — not where he lives in relation to the child — is the crucial factor.

For more information, check out our blog on Divorced Fathers. (coming soon)



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