Did you know that a 2018 study found out that people require spending minimum 90 hours with one another in order to be called friends and a tremendous 200 hours in order to called close friends? Being a new dad, every second counts for you and is more valuable as you have to devote your time to changing nappies, feeding and taking care of your baby which is way more important than all other tasks.

As friends help you relieve stress and play the role of a lifeline to the world apart from midnight wake ups and changing diapers. Becoming a new dad brings about a change to each and every facet of your life, particularly all your relationships. So, what are the changes that come to your life as you become a dad? Read on…

  • You’ll lose touch with most friends

Men are usually not so good at juggling household responsibilities and they’re no big multitaskers as well. This is why it becomes impossible for new dads to keep up with their old friends. Though it is not because they don’t want to but it is because they are not able to keep up with his new responsibilities of becoming a dad. Thankfully for social media, they can still stay in touch with friends without having to meet them in person.

  • Group chats are the best place to be

Gone are those days when you would be part of large group chats on Whatsapp or other messaging platforms. Now that you’re a new dad, you love to stay in touch with smaller groups of friends, mostly who are also new into the world of parenthood. This becomes a hangout place that could distract you from the otherwise mundane jobs like handling the tantrums of your baby or changing diapers. The encouragement that you get from the other new dads is motivating.

  • Making friends at workplace becomes easier

When you were not a dad, you mostly used to keep to yourself at your workplace as you may have felt that you didn’t have much in common with others. But now that you’ve become a new dad, you can understand the kind of struggles the other men have gone through while raising their kids. This is when you feel like striking a connection with them. Henceforth, you become friendlier at your office.

  • You’ll love the idea of a ‘couple friends’

This happens with the course of time. You may have known each other as couples who had kids and when you too started your own family, you would end up roaming around with them most of the time. If their kids are older than yours, you can even get to know baby stuff from them as they have more experience than you as parents. In short, parent friends turn out to be extremely helpful.

Therefore, now that you’ve stepped into parenthood, you have to learn to accept the changes in your life. Parenthood is a duty that has to be met by both parents and hence you have to adjust your other relationships in accordance with the most beautiful relation that you now share with your little bundle of joy.


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