best things to teach your kids about cars

Car Tips for Your Children

As a dad, the chances are that you want to teach your children skills and habits that help them during their lifetime. And while maintaining a vehicle might not be a life-saving skill, it’s a useful one. Not to mention, knowing how to take care of a car can save them money and hassle down the road.

Here are some tips for dads on teaching kids about car maintenance:

1) Begin At a Young Age

While younger kids don’t drive, you can still start teaching them about car maintenance. Getting them involved with age-appropriate tasks such as cleaning and washing the car can help them understand the basics of taking care of a vehicle. You can also use this time to teach them about different car parts and what they do.

best things to teach your kids about cars

2) Make It a Hands-On Experience

The best way for kids to learn is by doing. So, whenever possible, make car maintenance a hands-on experience for them. For example, if you’re changing the oil, let them help you check the oil level and add new oil to the engine. If you’re checking tire pressure, show them how to use the tire gauge and inflate the tires as needed.

3) Explain Why Maintenance Is Important

Kids must understand why car maintenance is essential. After all, if they don’t see its value, they’re not likely to make it a priority. Among the important points to bring up is the cost of a car repair. For example, a simple oil change is cheaper than a new engine. You can also talk about safety, explaining that properly maintained brakes and tires help keep everyone safe on the road.

car tips for kids

4) Explain The Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

As an abstract concept, the total cost of ownership (TCO) can be challenging for kids to grasp. But it’s an important one, nonetheless. After all, a car is a significant financial investment, and understanding the TCO can help kids make smart choices when it is time to buy a car of their own. You can explain that the TCO includes not just the purchase price but additional expenses, including gas, insurance, and repairs.

When considering the MSRP of new vehicles, it’s easy to see how quickly the TCO can add up. For example, a new Toyota Camry has an MSRP of $24,765. But when you factor in additional costs like gas, insurance, and repairs, the TCO jumps to $33,905 over five years. That’s why kids need to understand all the costs involved in owning a car before purchasing.

5) Make Maintenance A Family Affair

Caring for your family vehicle is an excellent opportunity to teach kids car maintenance. Have them help you with routine tasks like checking the oil and washing the car. And when it comes time for more complicated vehicle repairs, involve them as much as possible. You have the chance to teach valuable skills and create a special bond with them over a shared experience.

Following these pointers will aid you in teaching your kids the importance of car maintenance. And when they’re ready to purchase a car of their own, they’ll be prepared to make intelligent choices that keep their TCO low.

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