Being A Great Dad

Being a Great Dad

Being a dad can bring a tsunami of changes to your life but will be the greatest journey of your life.


Fatherhood is one of the most fulfilling and rewarding roles you can play in your lifetime. A Father’s role in his children’s lives is endless and takes on many different roles throughout a lifetime. 


There’s a lot to know about being a great father. We’ve composed an article  about a few of the great things about being a dad, what to know in order to be a great dad and tips you can use that will help you to be a great dad! 

Great Things About Being a Dad

Being a father is one of the greatest things you can do in life. Yes, fatherhood can be difficult and challenging. However, you gain some really incredible things from fatherhood!


Fatherhood gives a man the opportunity to learn unconditional love, possibly for the first time in his life. You will learn how deeply you have the capacity to love that you may not have realized prior to having children.


One of the great things about being a father is the change it brings to your life. Your entire view of the world will change when you become a father, sometimes even overnight. Welcome this new perspective into your life that fatherhood brings you as you evolve both as a person and as a father.


Additionally, becoming a father can change you for the better as a person. Any previous bad habits should get kicked to curb as you take on the responsibility of fatherhood. As you learn how to be a role model, you will want to adhere to the value you want to teach your children. Fatherhood allows you to rise to the occasion and lead your children by example.


Fatherhood can give you a purpose in life and this can be a huge revelation for a lot of men who may not have felt they found a purpose yet. It can transfer into other aspects of your life as you grow to be more selfless, responsible and wise from the experiences you go through as a father.


It takes courage to be a dad and that’s another great thing about being a father. You will be a rock in your child’s life who grounds them and stables them throughout their lifetime. Father’s are there every step of the way to help their children, when things go right and even when things go wrong.


Another great thing about being a father is the opportunity to watch your children grow and experience new things. The feeling of pride can be overwhelming and this reward of fatherhood can be well worth the effort and dedication you put into being a great father.

What To Know About Being a Good Dad

You may be thinking, how can I be the best father I can be? While a father may not be able to move mountains, your kids will think you can! Children look for traits that make them feel safe, protected and happy. 


It’s important to note that being a good dad doesn’t mean your children will always “like” you. Being a good parent does not always mean being a “good friend”. There will be instances when you will need to help shape them into being good human beings by making them do something they may not necessarily want to do or even not letting them do something they want to do. 


 However, we have composed a list of what to know about being a good father and how to navigate through this role you have.


  1. Use Your Creativity and Imagination


Children see the world through different lenses. Everything is exciting, typically because it’s their first time seeing it! Have fun being a father. Even if you have to re-learn how to create and explore with your imagination. Playfulness is a secret key to life that can be carried throughout a lifetime. 


  1. Believe Anything Is Possible


To piggyback off the previous point, you have to believe anything is possible because that’s what you are trying to teach your kids. Don’t set limits to what they achieve or tell them something is not possible. Try to incorporate this belief into your own life so your children can see it to believe it!


  1. Be Willing To Teach Them Lessons


When you have the opportunity to teach your kids a lesson, do it! You are your children’s guide in this life and it’s your job to help them discover and learn their own moral compass and ethics. The balancing act of loving your children but having to use tough love to help them learn life lessons will help raise well-adjusted children into adulthood. It’s the duty of a father to teach their children diverse lessons. 


  1. Do Your Best


Children can tell when a father tries their best. Having a “perfect” father is not what’s important to them, they already think you are perfect! It’s important to not over stress or micro-manage your children’s lives. Take a deep breath and in every instance, just do the best that you can. This will show them how to naviagate their own life and challenges by following your example.

Tips For Being a Great Dad

Being a great dad encompasses many aspects. Fathers play countless roles including teacher, protector, provider, and friend just to name a few. This can be overwhelming for some men, especially for a first time father. 


However, take it from fathers who have done this before. There are plenty of tips and tricks to keep in mind to successfully be a great father! 


One important aspect of fatherhood is to be available and present to help create lifetime memories. Give your children your time as this is what matters most to them. It’s important to take every opportunity to give your effort to help them create happy memories. 


While this can include some amazing vacations or milestones, it is truly the little things at home and day-to-day experiences that your children will remember the most. It’s important to help create valuable memories together that both you and your children will be able to treasure and cherish for years to come. Your priorities are guaranteed to be tested and while you do need to be responsible, always remember what is most important.


It’s also the duty of a great father to help develop the brains and character of their children. You can do this by helping your children to receive a full and well-rounded education by reading to them regularly, helping them with their homework and taking an active role in teaching them. 


However, building your child’s intellect and knowledge goes far beyond the walls of a schoolroom or pages of a textbook. It’s a big world and not everything can be taught in a classroom setting. Go the extra mile to teach your children respect, manners and compassion by leading as an example for them to emulate. 

Be A Great Father For Your Children

By being a great person, you can be a great father for your children. Even if you think you may not have had the best past or made mistakes previously, always try your best for your children. 


Your children are always watching. Your most important job in this lifetime will be to raise your kids and they learn by imitation. What will they value? Do they know how to take responsibility? Be someone who your children can look up to and try to be like and you are already on your way to being a great father!


Children have so much to learn and experience in this lifetime. If you’re willing to help them, guide them and support them, you will be the best father you can be. 


Any father has the ability to be a great father. If you’re a first time father, check out our blog Tips For New Dads.



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