Hey, Pops! I hope your little lady or tiny tot is growing healthy, happy, and vibrantly into month 7 of […]
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Congratulations, it’s time to celebrate your baby’s half-birthday! Cut a birthday cake in half (feel free to eat the other […]
What’s up, new Dad? Are you getting the hang of this parenting thing? Are you changing diapers with your eyes […]
What’s better than perfectly-charred marshmallows turning slowly over flickering flames, a much-needed day spent in your favorite fishing chair with […]
Can you believe it’s already month 4? You’re still a new dad, but you’re probably getting pretty good at this […]
As a new dad, it can be extremely difficult to find more than a few moments of undisturbed time for […]
Are you still hanging in there, new dad? Are you getting a little more sleep? It’s month three, and your […]