Apartment Amenities

Apartment living is becoming increasingly popular due to the available amenities at apartment complexes. Not only can it save on monthly costs, but they offer features that wouldn’t be available in most other rental situations. Being a single parent is a hard job but making use of the best apartment amenities for single dads can make the job easier. Many communities are now offering virtual apartment tours as a result of the recent COVID-19 situation, which is making finding a new apartment for single dads easier than ever.


Although common, having a good playground is often overlooked. An apartment complex with a nice playground means your child will be able to play without having to pack them into the vehicle and traveling to a park. Being a single dad may mean you don’t always have the time to drive to and from the park. An onsite playground also allows your child (or children) to make friends they may not have made otherwise. 


Most, if not all apartment rentals come with basic appliances. Not all of them have a dishwasher, washer, and dryer though. These three items are essential if you’re living in an apartment as a single dad. Ensuring your children have healthy meals is a top priority for parents. This can lead to a mess of dishes on top of a messy kitchen to clean after cooking. With a dishwasher, you can spend more time with your children and less time washing dishes. Dishwashers also sanitize where hand washing dishes does not. 

A washer and dryer inside the apartment are convenient, especially if you have little ones who like to get dirty. Your children can play in the safety of your apartment while you wash and dry clothes, as opposed to packing the laundry into the vehicle and going to the laundromat. An onsite laundry room is not as convenient as a washer and dryer inside your apartment, but at least you don’t have to leave the apartment complex to wash clothes. 

Security– Apartment Amenities You Can Trust

You want to know your children are always safe. Even in your own home, it’s important to know they are protected. A gated community or some other form of security measures, such as an alarm system, is one of the best apartment amenities available for single dads. 

On-Site Daycares Are Great Apartment Amenities

While it’s a less common amenity, some apartment complexes offer child care services for tenants. These services are usually just for apartment residents, so you won’t have to worry about whether your child is accepted or not. This can make your morning routine easier if you have young ones who aren’t in school yet. These also come in handy during vacations and breaks in the school year. No more driving across town to drop the children off at their place of care. You can simply walk them to where they need to be and head to work. On-site child care services also save money since daycare is expensive! 

Fitness Center

If you’re trying to stay in shape, it can be difficult to juggle being a single parent and going to the gym. Living in an apartment complex that has a fitness room ensures you can work out while keeping your children close.

Having a playground on the grounds means your children can play without having to travel to a local park. Dishwashers, washers, and dryers in the apartment make cleaning up an easier job compared to doing all the work by hand. Knowing your children are safe with the use of security features in an apartment complex is critically important. Additionally, having an on-site place to work out means you can stay in shape while staying near your children. Some of the best apartment amenities for single dads are the simple ones.


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