Dads tend to love a good DIY. Not only does it save them money, but they can add a personal touch to the project they’re completing. Some DIY projects can even add value to your home, so if you’re in the market looking to sell, you may want to take advantage of some DIY projects. Here are some of the best DIY projects that add value to your home.


The number one best DIY project that adds value to your home is a pretty simple one. Give the house a fresh coat of paint. If it’s been some time since you last painted (if you even painted!), the walls in many, if not all rooms may be scratched, dirty, or blemished. We know kids can be messy and destructive, so we understand!

You may still even be living with colors that were outdated a long time ago. Some scrubbing and a new coat of paint will liven up your home and increase its value. You’ll want to use a neutral color that not only makes the rooms appear larger but blends the rooms together nicely.

It’s not just the walls you’ll want to paint though! Your kitchen cabinets could likely use an update. Whether you choose to paint or stain them, choose a color that flows with the rest of your home.


Fixtures should flow together and create a cohesive look from room to room. If you’re looking to increase the value of your home, you’ll want to replace the fixtures from the faucets to the simple things like light switch and outlet covers. Choosing a timeless look, like brushed nickel, is sure to attract interested buyers.

Crown Molding

While crown molding may not look like it, but it is a surprisingly simple task. Purchase the molding from the store and have them cut it to the size you need. You can even cut it yourself. Just remember to measure twice and cut once! All you have to do is nail the molding to the top of the wall with a nail gun. This simple project adds value to your home and adds a nice touch to any room. Also, Dads, if all else fails, use YouTube as your guide for crown.


Many buyers love a nice-looking hardwood floor. Older homes may have hardwood floors hiding beneath carpet. This is the perfect time to tear up the carpet and reveal the hardwood floors underneath. Don’t just leave them as is, though. You’ll want to restore your hardwood floors to extend their life and freshen up their appearance.


Poor landscaping can decrease the value of your home and lose some Dad credit. As such, you’ll want to update yours. Fix any bare spots with sod and trim the trees and bushes. Add a touch of color to the yard with some freshly planted flowers or shrubs.

Most of them are simple, like painting the walls and your cabinets. Install crown molding to create a finished look for any room and be sure to pull up carpeting that’s been hiding hardwood floors. If you do have hardwood floors, it’s a perfect time to restore them. There are many more, but these are some of the best DIY projects that add value to your home.


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