You wouldn’t run a marathon without a little advanced preparation, so why should you have sex without foreplay? Foreplay can set the entire mood for the session and can increase the intensity for all parties involved. Don’t be afraid to get dirty before even doing the deed! Check out these 5 foreplay tips to get sex started off right.

Stimulation at a Distance

Foreplay doesn’t have to start when you are face to face! Matter of fact, technology has brought us smart vibrators and other toys that allow you to control them from your smartphone, so your partner can feel the vibrations even when you’re not home.

Smart toys aren’t the only way to get things heated up before you two are together. Send your partner messages throughout the day, complimenting them. When you’re ready to kick it up a notch, send them a few messages reminding them of what you’d love to do to them! The anticipation from all day foreplay will make the experience more intense for both of you.


Forget just talking to your partner about what you’d like to do, whisper in her ear. If you aren’t on the creativity side when it comes to dirty, flirty talk, grab a line from some erotic literature online. This will let her mind wander about what’s in store and get the fire started.

Sensual Teasing

As much as you may want to, don’t just rip each other’s clothes off and go at it. Start by kissing your partner softly, tracing your fingers along their body as you do. The soft, sensual touches will be intense and gear your partner up even more for what’s to come.

Erotic Massage

Grab one of her favorite oils and give her a full body massage. We recommend an oil that’s safe to use as lube as well since chances are, sex will happen right after the massage. Coconut oil is great for lube and as a massage oil. An erotic, full body massage allows you to hit areas that turn her on you may otherwise miss, as well as explore the nether regions.

Perform for Each Other

Touch yourself for your partner while they watch and allow them to do the same. You can see how they like to be touched. Make eye contact every now and then, since eye contact during sex releases hormones for lust and love.

As far as performing goes, you can even get a strip tease dance going for your partner and have them do the same for you. Anticipating seeing their naked body as they strip will keep the mood going right.


Sex can be so much more enjoyable if foreplay is done first to build up the mood for both partners!



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