Let’s face it, we all hit dry spells but sometimes that spell lasts way too long with no end in sight. This can be especially true in marriages where couples just continue down the road of a sexless marriage instead of taking the steps needed to end it. Check out these 3 signs you’re headed for a dry spell and how to fix them.

Too Busy

Work is demanding and you’re picking up extra hours, so you have very little, if any, time to spend with your partner. By allowing our lives to become so busy to the point we don’t have the time for intimacy, we are setting ourselves up for a sexless marriage. The solution here is to set a date. Seriously, mark the calendar when you both have free time and schedule a night for sex! It may sound crazy, but it works. If you’d rather be spontaneous, wake up a little earlier and get a quickie in with your partner before you both head off for the day.

Lack of Communication

Communication is key in any relationship. Chances are your partner isn’t able to read your mind so by not effectively relaying your thoughts and feelings, they won’t know what is going on inside your head. If you don’t have the same desires for sex that you did a few years ago, talk to your partner about it. Avoiding talking because you may see it as embarrassing will just lead to more problems down the road. You can talk to your partner about how much sex you’d like to have and reach a compromise from there. Both parties should voice their feelings openly.

Sex takes a backseat when you’re mad at someone, too. Too often we simply ignore those we are mad at instead of talking to them. If you need some time to cool off before talking, take a short walk and come back with a level head so you can communicate civilly about why you are mad. You two can then work on a solution instead of staying in a never-ending battle of the silent treatment.

You Are Stressed

Stress can have a negative impact on all parts of our lives, including our marriage and sex lives. Sex is the last thing on your mind when you stay stressed constantly. Stress lowers sex drive and the desire to do much of anything, so figuring out your stress triggers is important. Once you figure out what’s stressing you, you can put a plan into action to change what can be changed and ease the stress in your life a little.

Don’t let your love life suffer through a dry spell. By recognizing contributing factors to a dry spell, you can take the appropriate actions to avoid or end it and get back in touch with your partner intimately.



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