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best things to teach your kids about cars
Car Tips for Your Children As a dad, the chances are that you want to teach your children skills and habits that help them during their lifetime. And while maintaining a vehicle might not be a life-saving skill, it’s a useful one. Not to mention, knowing […]
best lawn tips for dads
Be “That Dad” With The Best Lawn Regardless of your yard’s size, it plays a vital role in the home’s overall appeal. So whether you’re looking to update your yard or have the best-looking yard on the block, actively landscaping can help your yard look well […]
Make The Most Of Your Garage Gone are the days when garages were only used for parking vehicles. Today, dads can turn their garage into their new favorite space. Depending on the size, dads like you can revamp your garage into a man cave, home office, […]
family cookout
Family BBQ’s At Apartment Complexes If you’ve ever stepped outside and smelled the aroma of a juicy burger, well-seasoned steak, or barbecue chicken, you know just how tantalizing it can be. The first time each year that you recognize that glorious scent is a signal of […]
It’s Time to Paint! Nothing is ever easy to get done when you have young children running around the house. With young children comes many new obstacles that slow down home improvement projects such as painting a bedroom. Painting requires tedious work, lots of time and […]
The Best Amazon Prime Day Deals For Dads Dads love getting a good deal, am I right?! These Prime Day Deals should spark joy in every dad looking to save some money on things they have been waiting to purchase (or get some early Christmas gifts […]

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